Dream School (2022)

Date of show: 17-20 November 2022

Time: Thu, Fri, Sat 8pm, Sat & Sun 3pm

Venue: NAFA Studio Theatre (151 Bencoolen Street,Singapore, 189656)

Ticket Price: $18

Language: Performed in Mandarin without subtitles

“Do you still dare to dream?” 

Directed by Li Xie

Performed by NAFA Diploma in Theatre (Mandarin) Year 3 students

A group of students embarked on a journey of reform and transformation to create their ideal school, with their individual and shared hopes, anxieties, reflections and doubts.

Why are they doing it? What are they envisioning? What are their blind spots? What are the possible consequences? When all is said and done, are their dreams simply one touch away from dust – perceived as nothing but self-serving, whimsical projections of naivete? Or could these aspirational endeavours, just possibly, hint at a glint of the dawning of autonomous change?

Led by veteran theatre director Li Xie, the graduating students of the NAFA Diploma in Mandarin Theatre programme will create their ideal art school. Emergency Stairs invites audiences to participate in this original theatre piece, to investigate what it takes to realise a dream amidst the limitations of unrelenting societal structures. Do you still dare to dream?


Director: Li Xie

Devised by: Li Xie and the actors

Curator/Producer: Liu Xiaoyi

Project Coordinator: Cheryl Charli

Production Manager: Celestine Wong

Stage Manager: Tennie Su

Props and Costume Coordinator: Ang Hui Bin

Lighting Designer: David Li

Graphic Designer: Huang Suhuai


Chen Linpei , Chia Li Kiat , Dong Siyang, Goh Hui Ting , Gooi Ci Xian, Kok Enling, Li Guanghao, Li Mincong, Liu Meining, Liu Shen, Meng Jiaoyang, Neo Jia Xuan Mandy, Tao Feixu, Wong Min Xi , Xiao Shenyuan, Zhao Ruotong