About Emergency Stairs

Emergency Stairs is a Singapore-based international experimental arts group. 

Since its founding in 2017, Emergency Stairs has quickly established itself as one of the representative experimental arts groups in Singapore, and is regularly invited to perform and exchange in more than 15 cities around the world.

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Liu Xiaoyi, Emergency Stairs has created a body of works that challenges the existing boundaries of theatre making. The company has also devoted itself to the development of cross-media art forms and cross-cultural art environments by initiating international exchanges, the cultivating of cultural leadership among artists, and promoting arts research and arts criticism.

Emergency Stairs endeavours to be a leading cultural institution in the region.

Vision and Mission


Arts are revolutionary. Emergency Stairs continually destructs and reconstructs our perceptions towards arts, life and the world. 


We are committed to building an alternative laboratory to challenge our cultural environment. Through the act of crossing-over between art forms, disciplines, cultures and cities, we create self-reflexive and irreverent artworks which disrupts and challenges existing notions of art-making, we create platforms and networks which cultivate cultural leaders and promote cultural exchange.


A Letter To Our First Three Years

A Letter To Our First Three Years