Offstage 1.0 (2018)


Date: 30 May- 3 June 2018

Venue: STAIRCASE, Soon Wing Industrial Building

Ticket Price: $20

Do our roles define us, or do we define our roles?

I am just a writer.
I am just a director.
I am just a producer.
I am just a stage crew.
I am just a light designer.
I am just a stage manager.
I am just a sound designer.
I am just a ticketing personnel.
I am just a marketing personnel.
I am just…

In life, we play many roles – as parent, children, employers, employees, workers, consumers, thinkers, doers, and so on. Sometimes these roles are liberating and enjoyable. Sometimes, they are oppressive and testing. How do we take on our roles? Are we able to break boundaries? Or do we have to perform them the way they should conventionally be?

Emergency Shelter – training arm of experimental theatre company Emergency Stairs – brings you its first production, OFF STAGE in May! Members of Emergency Shelter will take on roles in theatre as both cast and crew to look at conventions in theatre-making and examine how we can take on roles in different ways.

Creative Team

Artistic Director & Director: Liu Xiaoyi

Director: Zachary Ho

Lights: Jasmine Xie

Sound: Doreen Toh

Writer/Researcher:Chong Woon Yong

Producer:Darren Guo

Marketing/ Publicity: Lina Yu

Ticketing: Hung Chit Wah

Production Stage Manager: Chanel Chan

Crew: Theresa Wee

Observer/Archival/Critique: Chang Ting Wei

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