Talk / Lecture / Conference

City-to-City Cultural Exchange Forum in London, 2017
Southernmost Open Forum in Singapore, 2018
Youth Drama Forum in Chongqing, 2020
Belt-Road City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference in Hong Kong, 2018
One Table Two Chairs Meeting in Tokyo, 2018
Belt Road Cities Exchange Conference in Hong Kong, 2019
"Curating the Digital" online, 2022
“Theatre is a Laboratory” at Nanjing University of the Arts, 2014
"Ask Me Anything" Huayi - Chinese Festival of Arts, 2019
"Toward a Human Resource Development Initiative for Cultural Exchange" in Bangkok , 2022
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8-9 Dec / Online, Göttingen

“Crossing-overs as Strategy”  by Liu Xiaoyi, The 1st International Symposium on Contemporary Asian Theatre (ISCAT), University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany.

10 Oct-8 Nov / Online

“Let’s (not) Talk about Political Correctness” by OpenScape. OpenScape is an initiative of Reso – Swiss Dance Network and supported by the Transformation Fund of Canton Zurich and Pro Helvetia.

19-20 Sep / Bangkok

“Toward a Human Resource Development Initiative for Cultural Exchange” co-chaired by Liu Xiaoyi, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

17-18 Sep / Wroclaw

“Reassessing Global Cultural Exchange Models: Human Resource Development as a Strategy” co-chaired by Liu Xiaoyi, Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, Poland.

21 Aug / Online, Tokyo

“Digitalisation as a Strategy” by Liu Xiaoyi, Tokyo Festival FARM, Tokyo, Japan.

9-14 Aug / Online, Toronto

Curating the Digital” by Liu Xiaoyi, Faye Kabali-Kagwa (South Africa) and Off-Site Project / Pita Arreola-Burns & Elliott Burns (UK), SummerWorks Festival, Toronto, Canada.

26 June / Online, Chengdu/Shanghai

“Writing with AI” by Liu Xiaoyi, Luxelakes A4 Art Museum, Chengdu and Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China.

5 May / Online, Kuala Lumpur

“How to Write with AI” by Liu Xiaoyi, SeaShorts Film Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


15 Sept / Online, Tokyo

“Asian Corner” by Liu Xiaoyi, 1 Table 2 Chairs Meeting 2021, Asian Artcentre Link, Tokyo, Japan.

12 July – 13 Sept / Online, Hong Kong

The Decameron” by Danny Yung and Liu Xiaoyi, Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong, China.


29 Nov / Online, Chongqing

“Opening Keynote” by Liu Xiaoyi, Chongqing Youth Drama Forum, Chongqing, China.

13 Nov / Online, Kaohsiung

“No More Theatre” by Liu Xiaoyi, Future Artists in the Post-pandemic Era, Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) Kaohsiung Online Conference • Weiwuying’s International Symposium, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


9 Nov / Singapore

“The Possibility of Alternative Arts Institutional Model” by Liu Xiaoyi, Southernmost Project 2019 Open Forum, Emergency Stairs, Singapore.

10-11 Sep / Hong Kong

“Investigation and Propositions for Cultural Exchanges in Six Southeast Asian Cities” by Liu Xiaoyi, Belt Road City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference 2019, Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong, China.

24 Feb / Singapore

“Ask Me Anything” by Liu Xiaoyi, Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts 华艺节, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore.


27 Oct / Tokyo

“The Future of Intercultural Dialogue” by Liu Xiaoyi, 1 Table 2 Chairs Open Forum, Za-Koenji, Tokyo, Japan.

18-20 Oct / Hong Kong

“How Arts Councils View Cross-cultural Exchange Activities” by Liu Xiaoyi and Jo Lim, Belt Road City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference 2018, Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong, China.

9 June/Singapore

“From Individual Reflection to Intercultural Dialogue” by Liu Xiaoyi, ITI Theatre Forum 2018, Intercultural Theatre Institute, Singapore.


5-6 Oct / Zürich

“Transforming Performers to Creators” by Liu Xiaoyi, ZHDK – Zürich Arts Management Forum, Zurich University of the Arts, Zürich, Switzerland.

9-10 Sep / London

“Intercultural Dialogue and the Future: From Individual Reflection to Collective Revolution”, Asian City-to-City Collaboration and Performing Arts Exchange, SOAS University of London, London, UK.

17 Mar / Singapore

“Kuo Pao Kun: The Educator” by Liu Xiaoyi, Tan Beng Tian and Lee Chee Keng, NL Arts Conversation, National Library of Singapore, Singapore


21-23 Oct / Tokyo

“Space and Time” by Liu Xiaoyi, 1 Table 2 Chairs Dialogue, Za-Koenji, Tokyo, Japan.


25-31 Oct / Nanjing

“The Challenges of Cross-cultural and Cross-regional Exchange and Collaboration in Performing Arts” by Liu Xiaoyi, Toki Arts Festival Open Forum, Nanjing, China.


5 Nov / Nanjing

“Theatre is a Laboratory” by Liu Xiaoyi, Nanjing University of the Arts and Toki Arts Festival, Nanjing, China.


26 Dec / Nanjing

“Multicultural Theatre in Singapore” by Liu Xiaoyi, Challenges and Possibilities for Collaboration with Asian Cities, Southeast University and Toki Arts Festival, Nanjing, China.