Emergency Academy

Emergency Academy is a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary, and cross-regional arts education project initiated by Liu Xiaoyi. It is an artist incubation programme and a laboratory for nurturing future cultural leaders who aspire to influence, drive and change the existing systems.

The first batch of 16 artists (2020-2022) started their 2-year journey in May 2020.  The 16 participating artists from ten Asian cities would be exploring and investigating 18 topics designed by Liu Xiaoyi.

Class 2020-2022

Benjamin Wong 黄益民 – London 伦敦

Chao Hsin 兆欣 – Taipei 台北

Cheng Wenming 程文明 – Beijing 北京

Chua Teck Yeo 蔡德耀 – Johor 柔佛

Darren Guo 郭程伟 – Singapore 新加坡

Doreen Toh 卓桂枝 – Singapore 新加坡

Jasmine Xie 谢惠琳 – Singapore 新加坡

Li Can, April 李璨 – Shenzhen 深圳

Li Ziyi 李子轶 – Nanjing 南京

Ng Mun Poh 吴敏宝 – Singapore 新加坡

Rady Nget – Phnom Penh 金边

Sabrina Sng 孙雅皪 – Singapore 新加坡

Sun Ruizhao 孙叡曌 – Beijing/Shanghai 北京/上海

Theresa Wee 黄丽霞 -Singapore 新加坡

Wei Yunjia 卫芸嘉 – Chongqing 重庆

Zhang Yining, Eelly 张艺凝 – Chongqing 重庆

Research Topics

  1. Vision, Mission and Action 愿景、使命与行动
  2. Structure, Method and Plan 结构、方法与计划
  3. Proposal 企划书
  4. Budgeting 预算
  5. Management 管理
  6. Marketing 营销
  7. Resources 资源
  8. Government Funding 政府资金
  9. Non-government Funding 非政府资金
  10. Platforms 平台
  11. Networking 关系网
  12. Translation 翻译
  13. Education 教育
  14. Methodology 方法论
  15. Research and Applied Research 研究与应用研究
  16. Documentation 档案记录
  17. Cultural Criticism 文化批评
  18. Cultural Policy 文化政策
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