Emergency Stairs | Southernmost
避难阶段 Emergency Stairs is a nonprofit experimental theatre company in Singapore creating self-reflexive works that challenge existing notions of art-making.
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An arts festival for the future

Southernmost: One Table Two Chairs Project is Emergency Stairs’ annual theatre festival. Envisioned as a platform for intercultural dialogue, it brings together artists with different backgrounds and countries to challenge and learn from one another through exploration and exchange. Audiences are invited to interact with the artists through workshops, showcases, open rehearsals and performances.

The name “Southernmost” arises from the Xiqu (or traditional Chinese opera) convention of the stage being in the south – the spirit of Southernmost is hence to take the stage or theatre to the extreme, pushing its boundaries.

It also alludes to Southernmost, situated in Singapore, being the last or southernmost stop in the larger international circuit of the One Table Two Chairs Project pioneered by theatre doyen Danny Yung. Named after the most basic stage setting of Xiqu, the One Table Two Chairs Project is a platform for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary arts and cultural exchanges that transcend time, culture and geography.

In many ways, Southernmost is a festival researching arts festivals. We hope that through experimentation, we can research a format for arts festivals to be better platforms for intercultural exchange that can lead to change in the future.