Emergency Stairs | 911 – Volunteer Group
避难阶段 Emergency Stairs is a nonprofit experimental theatre company in Singapore creating self-reflexive works that challenge existing notions of art-making.
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911 – Volunteer Group


Are you a budding theatre enthusiast who has tried onstage/offstage work and is hungry for more? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get up close and personal with the behind-the-scenes process of an upcoming theatre company?


911 – Volunteer Group is an excellent platform for anyone who is interested in getting their hands involved in the many aspects of theatre production. We are a group of theatre enthusiasts from all walks of life, who have come together to support and enable theatre projects, so as to learn more about the complexities behind theatre-making.


As a volunteer, you will get a chance to witness the processes behind the stage, from how a director conceptualises a show and works with artists, to how an arts manager handles front-of-house and publicity for the show.


Our current partner is experimental theatre company Emergency Stairs, and we aspire to work with more companies and theatre groups of different genres.


This is the first year we’ve established 911 – Volunteer Group, and we are looking for volunteers who are interested in exploring the professional theatre scene with us!

For enquiries on volunteering with us, please contact lingjie@emergencystairs.org

For enquiries on Emergency Stairs and its work, please contact fire@emergencystairs.org